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Review the information below for complete explanations of store layout, basic purchasing information and how to use the indexes.

From the main page of our website you can select JMI Online Store to go to the Product Index of the store.  From there you can select a product.  On the Buy Page you can select a Buy Now link to add a product to the Shopping Cart.  To check out and make your purchase, you can select a View Cart link.  The Next Page link allows you to "turn the page" and cycle through the entire catalog of products, eventually returning to the original starting point.

Important Information

The JMI Online Store is designed similar to a printed hardcopy catalog.  Each page features a particular type of product.  For example, one product page in the store details our Event Horizon focusers.  At the top of each page are five links that allow you to navigate to the home page, back to the previous screen, to the product index, to the next product page or to this help page.  Once you are viewing a product page you can browse through all the information on that page simply by scrolling up and down.

Here is an example of a product entry:

Hand Unit


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Single-Control Hand Unit for JMI MOTOFOCUS, MOTODEC and Focusers

The single-control (controls one motor) linear voltage control (LVC) hand unit includes two forward and reverse buttons (red) and a two-position slow-speed switch (black).  The slow-speed switch adjusts from high (left) to low (right).  The system automatically changes from slow speed to fast speed when one of the forward or reverse buttons are held down for two seconds or more.  This effectively gives the hand unit three speeds very slow (1), slow (1.5 times faster) and very fast (5 times faster).  The system includes a 1/8" jack, quick-stop braking and a 9-volt alkaline battery.  It can control MOTOFOCUS, MOTODEC, EV, NGF and RCF motors.  This hand unit gives the best control of any system ever manufactured by JMI.


The hand unit has two switch-adjustable slow speeds which normally ramp up to a fast speed after two seconds.  Placing the slow-speed switch between the two normal positions (high and low) will cause the speed selection to be overridden and the motor will run at very fast speed (5) at all times.


The information in the blue box on the left summarizes the product. The bold description at the top identifies the product and sometimes the manufacturer and model of equipment for which it was originally designed.  Next is a thumbnail picture which can be selected to see a larger version of that same picture.  Below the thumbnail picture is the part number and price.  This price includes free shipping and handling for shipments within the 48 contiguous states of the continental U.S.  The free shipping and handling does not apply to telescopes (including the reverse binoculars).  Alaska, Hawaii and foreign destinations receive discounted shipping and handling.  The last item is a Buy Now link to add the product to your shopping cart.  See the Terms and Conditions page for important information related to placing an order.  To the right of the blue box is a more detailed description of the product which usually includes a list of manufacturers and models of compatible telescope equipment* and more pictures.

Besides the product entries, at the top of the page you will find several links to related information such as more pictures, definitions, customer comments, frequently asked questions, comparison charts and more.

When part numbers end with an ellipsis (...), the dots are replaced with a code that gives more specific information as to what the product is for.  For example, an NGC-MAX computer complete installation shows a part number of NGC....  The complete part number for an Obsession telescope would be NGCOBS.  You do not need to know the last part of the number since you will be providing us with information on your telescope equipment.  However, you can find this information in document no. 12 in our Document Library (which also shows any requirements and any special pricing).

Specifications that are highlighted in yellow are incomplete and/or uncertain.

Although we have a website shopping cart, we do not immediately process your credit card payments online.  Your card is not charged until your order is shipped (except in special situations such as when a deposit is required).  To place an order, simply select the Buy Now link to add a product to your shopping cart.  Alternately, you can use the printable order form to fax, phone or mail in your order.  The printable version can also be copied and pasted into an email message formatted for HTML.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

* Manufacturers are bolded and listed alphabetically with a semicolon (;) between them, models are listed alphabetically with commas (,) between them and sub-models and sizes are alphabetical/numerical with slashes (/) between them.  Here is an example from our Wheeley Bars information:

Celestron C4-R, C5-S, C5-SGT, C6-N, C6-R, C6-RGT, C8, C8-NGT, C8-S, C8-SGT, C8+, C8-N, C8-S, C9-S, C9-SGT, C10-N, C10-NGT, C102-HD, Celestar 8, CG-4 mount, CG-5 mount, CG-9, Classic 8, Fastar 8, G-8, G8-N, G-9, Great Polaris C8, Great Polaris mount, NexStar 8 / 8i / 8 GPS / 9 GPS / 11 GPS, Super C8 with adjustable tripod, Ultima 8 / 9 / 11; Losmandy GM-8; Meade 2080 and 2120 fork mounts (except MTS) through LX200 7", 8" and 10" (both GPS and non-GPS versions) with standard field tripod, LXD55 AR-5 / AR-6 / SN-6 / SN-8 / SN-10, LXD75 AR-5 / AR-6 / SN-6 / SN-8 / SN-10, ETX-90EC and ETX-125EC with deluxe field tripod, LX10, LX50, LX90, LXD500 / 600 / 650 mounts, Starfinder German equatorial 6 / 8 / 10; Orion SkyView Pro mount

Using the Product Index

The JMI Online Store is designed with a page for each type of product or comparison chart.  There are three ways to search for information in the store, the Product Index, the Key Word Index and the Telescope Equipment Index.  The Product Index is a simple "drill down" method for getting to the product pages.  It is intuitive and easy to use and will usually be all you need to access the product information.  Once you arrive on a product page you have access to product definitions, specification, notes and pictures.  Refer the top of this page for information on navigating within, and between, pages and more information on the online store layout and ordering details.

Navigation within the Product Index is easy.  Simply select the link that matches the type of product you are looking for.  For instance, to get to our Event Horizon focuser page from the main index select Focusers then Event Horizon Focusers (EV).  From this Buy Page you can select a product to place in your shopping cart or link to more information.

Within the menus, you can see what level you are at, by looking at the levels shown at the top of the list, and select any upper level you wish to return to.  In the example above, the levels will look like this:

Home > Product Index > Focusers

You can select Home to go to the home page, Product Index to go back two levels to the top of the menu structure or Focusers to step back one level to access all of the available focusers.

Using the Telescope Equipment Index

The Telescope Equipment Index allows you to search for products designed specifically for your telescope equipment.  It is designed to take you directly to those products in the online store.  The top of the list has an alphabetical "shortcut" index of manufacturers.  Selecting one of these companies will take you directly to a listing of the equipment manufactured by that company.  This is a good way to see everything we manufacture for your particular equipment.  At this point you can select a link to a product we make for that equipment.  If you cannot find a particular model, try searching the list by using the search function in your browser (Ctrl F in Internet Explorer).

Please keep in mind that every telescope company has its own methods for naming equipment.  Sometimes the name only identifies the optical tube, sometimes the mount and sometimes both.  When you include multiple design and name changes and hundreds of models, it becomes fairly difficult to be consistent in identifying equipment for which we make aftermarket products.  Therefore, we do not guarantee that our list is correct.  Be sure to check the actual product description before buying.  A good example would be where a particular telescope includes two different options but our aftermarket product is designed for only one of the options.  Some of our products will work with a particular model of equipment even though they were not designed for that model.  As much as possible, we will make note of these situations in the product descriptions (along with slight product modifications that may be necessary to make it work) but not in the Telescope Equipment Index.  It is always a good idea to browse the product description before making a purchase decision.

Once you are in the Telescope Equipment Index, you can switch to the Main Index or Key Word Index by selecting the appropriate link at the top right section of the page.

Using the Key Word Index

The Key Word Index is designed to take you to the correct location in the online store for the product you are searching for.  For instance, our Reverse Crayford Focuser (RCF) has also been known as the Monorail.  Monorail will not be listed in the Main Index but can be found in the Key Word Index.  Selecting Monorail in this index will take you to the RCF page.


Please review the Introduction, Important Information and Product Index sections above for more information on navigation, store layout and ordering details.

Customer Comments

"Thanks for manufacturing what the telescope makers often don't!  Neat stuff!"  (W. S. W.)

"While many dealers carry JMI products - sometimes discounting a bit off JMI list prices - you can also buy direct from JMI.  They are very customer oriented, and if you have a question you'll typically find yourself talking to the person who designed or built the product you bought.  (The Heretic's Guide to Choosing and Buying Your First Telescope at > FAQ > Where should I buy my telescope?)

"I received my new MOTOFOCUS for my old Ultima 8 and just wanted to write you a quick 'thank you.'  Another wonderfully engineered JMI product takes its place beside my 15-year-old MOTODEC, my NS11 case, a couple of focusers and who know what else.  Thanks for the great product and service, y'all!"  (R. M.)

"I am extremely pleased with your service and communication throughout the purchasing procedure.  I am looking forward to further purchases form your company."  (T. S.)

"It's a joy to still have folks as you who take a personal interest in their customers as you have with me."  (J. L.)

"JMI products are the best.  The staff are second to none.  Thanks."  (L. B.)

"Thanks so much.  I can see how JMI got its reputation for quality!  This is my sixth transaction with JMI and every time I buy something, it changes my observing experience for the better....  Thank you so much for taking the time to make sure that I get the right product for my telescope.  That kind of service and professionalism is, sadly, a very rare experience these days.  (J. R. C.)

"I have been very well supported by your staff and the product knowledge far surpasses others that I have dealt with in other companies.  I love your products!  The quality is excellent."  (D. C.)

"I have really enjoyed doing business with JMI.  The staff was more than helpful.  When there was a problem, they contacted me and let me know.  OUTSTANDING Company."  (C. A.)

"You guys have made my astrophotography, while still a challenge, ten times easier with ten fold better results."  (J. G. A.)

"As a long-time owner of JMI products from an NGT-12.5 to MOTOFOCUS, RA and Dec motors for other scopes and mounts, I can say that JMI is a company committed to the long term, from making the best product possible to outstanding service for years after.  When you call and talk to the company owner about some obscure question about their equipment, you're dealing with the best.  (J. M.)

"Thank you for your time!! - You guy's are great, always get good customer service - one of the reasons I've used JMI products for nearly 20 years. "  (A. A.)

"Thanks for your attention and willingness to fix the problem.  This is the kind of service that will keep me coming back to JMI."  (L. G.)

"P.S.  Please pass on to your management that it's a pleasure to deal with a company that actually cares about what it sells and its customers."  (C. H.)

"Just wanted to let you know what a great job your staff is doing.  I have ordered both a MOTOFOCUS and a polar alignment scope from your company lately and could not be more pleased with the service and products I received.  It was so nice to talk to a sales person and not have [my] questions remain forever lost in voice mail.  What I appreciate most is when your staff actually called me back to update me on the current status of your polar scopes.  Now that's customer service!"  (J. C.)

"I have never been disappointed with anything I have ordered.  Keep up the good work."  (P. W. M.)

"Good products, good service, knowledgeable staff.  Thanks!"  (A. M. S.)

"Thanks for the fast shipping and for making such excellent products.  I'll be purchasing more products in the future."  (M. C.)

"You make a great product and I want to thank you for the personal attention you gave me on the phone.  What a difference from most companies!  ...I look forward to doing business with you in the future!  One Happy Customer..."  (S. H.)

"As always, I am impressed with JMI and how you do business."  (D. H.)

"The first enhancement I made to the telescopes I have bought over the years was to add a JMI unit.  Every one was/has been trouble free and added not only a more enjoyable experience for imaging and visual use, but also increased resale value when it came time to sell the scope.  A hearty 'well done' and 'thank you' for your fine products!  Keep up the good work and I will continue as a loyal customer in the future."  (J. P.)

"[I am a] proud owner of two [JMI] Telescope Cases, two Wheeley Bars, an EZAlign and an NGF-S.  Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  (R. Z.)

"It is really nice to do business with a company that wants to be helpful to their customers."  (J. G.)

"I just got off the phone with a most pleasant women, who helped me with a focuser question concerning a ... scope.  In this day of automated answering machines, it was nice to actually talk to a human being.  She had the answers to all my questions and acted in a very professional manner.  I will continue to deal with JMI because of the good service, products and personnel."  (K. J.)

"... Thanks again.  You make great products and offer great support."  (D. P.)

"... It is all too rare today to find such support and assistance and even I, as dumb as I am, [would] like to take a moment to say thank you for doing far more than I had a right to expect.  I will return to you with our business..."  (S. G.)

"Thank you.  This is excellent customer support and I will report it both in my...ETX users group and with a posting on the...ETX web site.  Your attention to customer needs has turned a potentially unhappy user of your product into a booster.  Keep up the good work."  (M. B.)

"I continue to enjoy use of my MOTOFOCUS, MOTODEC and Wheeley well as the NGC-MAX.  Thanks for all your good work in assisting amateur astronomers..."  (M. C.)

"I just saw your ad in the October [2001] issue of Sky and Telescope.  I see that once again you have used a quote from a letter that I had sent several years ago ... concerning the quality of your products.  "[I] thought you would be interested to know that six year later my Wheeley Bars, NGC-MAX and MOTOTRAK V are all working perfectly!  In fact, they 'look' just as good as the day I purchased them.  I had to clean up my Wheeley Bars a bit because, obviously, being close to the ground they pick up a lot of dust....but the paint finish is still immaculate and the casters and locks work perfectly!  Who says that quality, service and craftsmanship has to be compromised in the 21st guys still impress me after all these years!!  A satisfied customer (and a friend),  (Wayne Peppercorn)

"[I] will definitely buy from you in the future, based on your prompt and honest answers to my query.  I 'sensed' you were a 'class act' and now I know you are."  (J. J.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How can I find JMI accessories for my particular telescope model?
A. There are three methods to access information in the JMI Online Store.  They are:

1)  Product Index
2)  Telescope Equipment Index

3)  Key Word Index

For complete explanations, select one of the three links above.  The basic store structure is described in the Introduction section of this page.

Q. Can I order directly from your website?
A. Yes, simply select a Buy Now link from a product page in the online store.  Your credit card will be charged in-house when we ship the product.  For more information, see our Terms and Conditions page.
Q. What does the yellow highlighting on some product pages mean?
A. Yellow highlighting, as shown in the first two words of this sentence, means that the data is unfinished or uncertain.  We often add new products that are in the process of being developed so that you can know ahead of time what is coming.  The information, however, is incomplete since the product is still under development and testing.  In other situations, we believe a product will fit a certain telescope but have not been able to verify that it will.  Once again, we believe it is better to let you know even though we have not been able to verify the information.