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MOTODEC Products

C8, Ultima

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MOTODEC for Celestron C8, Ultima

Celestron C5+ (single fork arm), C8, C8+, C8+ Computerized, Celestar 8, Classic 8, Fastar 8, Powerstar 8, Super C8, Super C8+, Ultima 8 / 9¼ / 11

No hand unit is provided.  The motor is equipped with a built-in variable-speed adjustment.


Some C8's manufactured before 1980 have a 3/16" (as apposed to 1/8") declination shaft diameter.  If this is the case with your C8, please specify the shaft diameter.   Some older C8's have no Declination input jack and therefore require a hand unit.  In that case, please request a hand unit and add $40 to the price.  This product requires drilling small holes in your telescope equipment in some cases.


2080/2120 Fork Mount
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MOTODEC for Meade 2080 / 2120 Fork Mount

Meade Basic 2080 (8") and 2120 (10") Optical Tube (Basic, LX2, LX3, LX5, LX6, LX10, MTS, Premier)

No hand unit is provided.  The motor is equipped with a built-in variable-speed adjustment.

Conversion Kit
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MOTODEC Conversion Kit

Includes the necessary hardware to convert a MOTODEC unit between MDC8 and MDLX models.  (Specify information regarding the ORIGINAL and DESTINATION telescope models.)

Conversion includes (as necessary):  plastic or metal collar, coupler, shaft expander and screws.

* When ordering, please place a note in the shopping cart Comments area identifying the ORIGINAL and DESTINATION telescope equipment.


When purchasing the conversion kit for a MOTODEC unit, you will most likely get one of the two brackets shown in the picture (at left).


This is a typical Push-On type MOTODEC on an older Meade 2080 Fork Mount.  After initial installation it can be removed and reinstalled in just seconds.
Here you see a MOTODEC unit on a German equatorial mount.  The major components are the motor, mounting bracket, gears and belt.

What is MOTODEC?

MOTODEC is a battery operated hand control with an electric declination motor providing vibration-free, direct-drive declination adjustments necessary for visual and photographic use.  It features variable speed for coarse and fine corrections as well as a friction clutch for manual adjustment on some models.  Precise positioning is accomplished through electronic braking.  Mounting is easy with no drilling or tapping (except where noted).

Customer Comments

"You provide some unique items of high quality, hard to find elsewhere.  Great service.  (C. V.  02/24/14)

"I am very impressed that you would stand behind your products even after several years.  Thank you again."  (L. K.)

" like silk.  Great product.  Will be buying further items from you."  (R.C.H.)

"I just want to comment on the professional and accommodating service by Jim's Mobile, Inc.  Several years ago I had purchased a MOTODEC ... and the declination shaft bushing had always seemed off center and loose...  I called JMI to ask about this and was shipped a new bushing right away at no charge.  It works perfectly now.  JMI has many unique products and I will be doing business with them again!"  (M. ?.)

"It's nice to see a company that takes pride in its products and service (even if the purchase isn't a major one)."  (R. E.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are your MOTODEC motors AC or DC powered?
A. All JMI MOTODEC motors are DC powered.
Q. How is the MOTODEC controlled?
A. Celestron and Meade SCTs usually have a declination motor jack in the base control panel.  The MOTODEC is connected here and controlled by the telescope's hand unit.  Some German equatorial mounts include a hand unit with a declination motor jack and some do not.  This information is specified in the product description.  If you would like to add a hand unit to a declination motor that does not normally come with one you can do so for an additional cost.  Please specify this when you order.
Q. How is the MOTODEC unit attached to the telescope?
A. All JMI MOTODEC units for SCTs are friction driven push-on motors that go on and off in seconds for easy storage.  The German equatorial versions are chain or gear driven and require about one minute to remove, if necessary.
Q. Do you have a MOTODEC for the old Meade DS-10 and other out-of-production telescopes?
A. We have MOTODEC units for many older mounts.  Even if your mount is not listed, we may still have parts in inventory.  However, the cost will be much higher than for those shown in our online store.  Please note that some of the Meade mounts require the installation of a tangent arm for the MOTODEC to function.