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12-volt Power Pack

Power PAC Replacement Battery
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12v Power Pack
12-volt, 17 amp-hr
Battery Pack


Cen-Tech Portable 12v 17Ah Power Pack with JMI Mounting Bracket

This rechargeable power pack has three basic functions:

1) Jump Starter,
2) Power Supply and
3) Work Light.

It includes heavy-duty 6 AWG gauge booster cables with copper coated steel clamps, a maintenance-free 12-volt, 17-amp-hour sealed lead-acid battery, a built-in 3-LED work light, two 12vDC cigarette-lighter power jacks, a 2.1A USB charging port, reverse polarity protection and a 120vAC adapter with 6-ft cord for charging.  In addition a JMI mounting bracket is provided.  It easily attaches to any Universal-style Wheeley Bars and the slotted mounting tabs allow for easy attachment to other equipment as well.

Power Pack Original Packaging
Mounting Bracket
for discontinued
7 or 21 amp-hr
Power PAC


Purchase from Farpoint
Replacement Battery for 7 and 21 Ah Rechargeable Power PACs

This Replacement Battery fits the discontinued Power PAC (Power And Convenience) products.

Discontinued 7ah Power PAC mounted on Universal-style Wheeley Bars
Discontinued 21ah Power PAC mounted on Universal-style Wheeley Bars

What is an Ampere-Hour?

The Ampere (amp) is a unit of measure of electrical current (or flow).  Batteries are often measured in ampere-hours to show the total electrical current capacity.  For instance, a fully charged seven amp-hr battery will supply one amp of current at a particular voltage for approximately seven hours before it is fully discharged (1 amp x 7 hours = 7 amp-hr).  If, instead, the battery is drained continuously at seven amps, it will discharge in approximately one hour (7 amps x 1 hour = 7 amp-hr).  This formula is only approximate because of many factors that effect the battery including construction, temperature, speed of discharge and variations in voltage.

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