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40" NTT Telescope

40" Alt-Azimuth
Folded Newtonian
Mounted on a Trailer


NTT-40 Product Information  DISCONTINUED


  • Open truss Newtonian
  • Folded optics for more convenient eyepiece height
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Compact size
  • Trailer mounted
  • 27-point Roller-Edge mirror cell
  • GoTo Computer (call for current info)
  • Battery and AC operation
  • Adjustable focal point
  • Massive 2" declination ball bearings
  • 28" Drive Gears and Clutches on both axes
  • JMI's celebrated quality construction


Type:  Folded Newtonian Reflector
Mirrors:  40" f/4 primary, 14.5" flat secondary, 7" (minor axis) diagonal tertiary
Power:  12v DC, 500 mA operation with 17 amp-hr gel-cell batteries or adapter
Weight:  approximately 2500 lb.
Height:  11' at Zenith
Eyepiece Height:  7' (Zenith) to 60" (Horizontal)
Width:  Fork 46"
Finder:  9x50 (or larger) straight through and a Telrad

Standard Equipment

JMI EV-XT Focuser with Motor for motorized focusing
Extension Tube for 3" Focuser
22mm 2" Panoptic Eyepiece
9x50 (or larger) Finder Scope
(straight-through) with dovetail mount
Telrad Finder Scope
Serrurier Truss Rods

Adjustable Focal Point.  A movable folding flat gives a wide range of back focus adjustment.  One inch of movement of the secondary flat gives two inches of movement in the focal plane.
Removable Counterweights attach to the tub or nose assembly for fine tuning the balance (6)
Alt-Azimuth Drive with 28" gears
27-Point Roller-Edge Mirror Cell
40" Sital Mirror

Primary Mirror Dust Cover
GoTo Computer
(call for current info)
Battery or AC Power with 12vDC 17 amp-hr rechargeable gel-cell batteries and 110vAC/60Hz or 220vAC/50Hz (specify) wall transformer

* Telescope prices are for the standard telescope configuration.  Upgrades and Options are at additional cost.  The listed price also does not include any delivery charges (crating and shipping and handling).  Please call for a delivery quote.  A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required when ordering this telescope.  Telescopes are custom-built based on the options selected by the customer and therefore require time to build.  The remaining amount due must be paid before the telescope is shipped.

40" NTT Optional Upgrades

None at this time...


40" NTT Optional Accessories

Truss-Rod Light Shroud


Call for Price

Truss Rod Shroud

Blocks stray light and air currents and helps keep dust off of the mirrors.  Made of heavy-weight weatherproof black vinyl with snaps at both ends.


The NTT-40 overlooking Lakewood/Denver area.
JMI says good-bye to the first NTT-40.
The NTT-40 all wrapped up and ready for the road trip to New York.  Its new home is the State University of New York, College at Oneonta.
Just another picture of the NTT-40.
With the folded optics of the NTT-40, the eyepiece height is relatively very low.

What is a New Technology Telescope?

The New Technology Telescope (NTT) is an altitude-azimuth (alt-az) Newtonian with folded optics and Go-To electronics.  The NTT-40 is a 1 meter or 40" (f/4) system suitable for both visual work and short-exposure photography (no field de-rotation).  It includes the StellarCAT ServoCAT Jr. Track/GOTO (which is compatible with Go-To computers and planetarium software) and the NGC-superMAX (Argo Navis™) Go-To computer, open Serrurier truss rod design, compact size and JMI's celebrated quality construction.

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