Courtesy of
Sky & Telescope
January 2003


Binocular Telescope

     No one can argue with the premise behind binocular astronomy using two eyes is the most natural way to observe the sky.  But binocular astronomy has traditionally been limited to small-aperture, fixed-magnification instruments.
     Enter the RB-66 Reverse Binoculars ($3,995) from JMI.  At a fraction of the cost of other binoculars in its aperture class, the RB-66 is a pair of 6-inch f/5 Newtonian telescopes custom manufactured for binocular observing.  And it's comfortable to use, since you look down into the eyepieces while viewing objects over your shoulders.  User-friendly pushbuttons located near cushioned hand grips control motors that adjust the binoculars' inter-ocular spacing, focus and alignment of the optical tubes.  The RB-66 comes standard with tripod, 20-mm wide-field eyepieces and digital setting circles.  There's also an optional pocket PC running TheSky software to help aim the binoculars.
     JMI Telescopes, Jim's Mobile, Inc., 8550 W 14th Ave, Ste 200, Lakewood, CO  80215; 303-233-5353;