Courtesy of
Sky & Telescope
September 2005


     GIANT FOCUSER  Jim's Mobile has added to its Next Generation Focuser series with the release of the NGF-XTc (priced from $489).  Designed for critical-focus applications with large CCD cameras, the unit features an accommodating 3 inches of clear aperture and inch of travel with both coarse- and fine-focus knobs.  It can handle the weight of any camera on the market.  Designed primarily for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes 10 inches and up, it comes with an adapter ring to attach large SCT accessories.  Both manual and motorized versions are available, as well as units for large Newtonian reflectors.
     JMI Telescopes, Jim's Mobile, Inc., 8550 W 14th Ave, Ste 200, Lakewood, CO  80215; 303-233-5353 or 800-247-0304;