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Astronomy Technology Today
February 2008


Introduces Several New Products

     JMI is well known as a world leader in developing custom astro products and has introduced several new products in response to customer requests.
     The JMI EV for Vixen VMC200 and VMC260 was developed due to a number of requests for a JMI focuser for the popular Vixen VMC200 and VMC260 scopes.  Because the stock Vixen focuser incorporates a larger diameter base, JMI had to engineer a special adaptor to transcend from the telescope base to the standard JMI EV focuser base.
     The resulting assembly retains the push/pull leveling screws for accurate alignment.  Replacement of the stock focuser with the JMI adapter/EV focuser is straightforward:  removing the stock focuser reveals a baffle tube that must in turn be unscrewed and reinstalled on the JMI adaptor.  The baffle rube proved easy to unscrew and reinstall on test units.  For optimum performance the adaptor/focuser must be accurately collimated using standard procedures.  Shown is the JMI EV1 with motor.
     JMI's introductory special for the Vixen VMC200 and VMC260 applications is just $69.95 in addition to the base cost of the JMI EV Focuser and the units should be available as early as mid-February.
     German mounts can be unwieldy to handle, move and store, especially when combined with two or three counter weights, electronics and motor drives, etc.  In response to numerous requests for a case for the Meade LXD-75 mount, JMI has designed the JMI LXD-75 mount, JMI has designed the JMI LXD-75, a case to ease transport of the awkward assemblies and keep them looking like new.
     As this issue of ATT goes to press, JMI's LXD-75 case mold is nearing completion.  The resulting case will incorporate methods of securely supporting the counter weights, as well as the entire assembly.  (Undoubtedly there are other German equatorial mounts that will also fit this case but that research will await completion of the first units.)  JMI expects to begin shipping LXD-75 cases by early March of 2008.  The price of this product has not been announced.
     The displays previously used in JMI's digital focuser readouts have been discontinued, so for many months the DROs have been unavailable and no replacements could be found.  JMI is now redesigning the DRO circuit board and expects to begin shipments of the new units by as early as the end of March.
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