Courtesy of
Astronomy Technology Today
November 2007


New MOTOFOCUS, Piggyback Mount and Carrying Case

     We've all experienced the nagging vibrations that can result from the slightest touch of a focus knob.  While this may take only a few seconds to dampen, that can feel like an eternity when trying to achieve perfect focus at high magnifications  Were it not for this phenomenon, there would be no JMI today.  The company was built on its MOTOFOCUS, the inaugural product that JMI first introduced in 1983.
     MOTOFOCUS permits hands-off, ultra-fine vibration free focus control via a hand control powered by a standard 9-volt battery.  The system uses a proprietary circuit design that is similar to pulse-width modulated circuitry that offers automatic two-speed control that starts in fine focus mode for approximately 4 seconds then shifts into high speed for quick large adjustments required when changing eyepieces that aren't parfocal.  Releasing the focus button and then reactivating it automatically shifts the circuit back to fine control.
     JMI now offers an ultra compact MOTOFOCUS for Meade's ETX125, ETX105 and ETX90.  This was not an easy application considering that the focus knob of these scopes moves in and out almost a full inch from one end of focus to the other.  This new MOTOFOCUS employs a 1/16-inch spring pin installed perpendicular to the focus shaft matched to a slotted coupler that allows the motor drive to slide in and out as it turns.  The drive motor is remarkably small, hardly larger than a sugar cube, but still robust enough for a lifetime of dependable service.  Because the ETX MOTOFOUCS fits all three scopes in Meade's ETX line, it's transferable if you decide to upgrade to a larger ETX.
     The JMI ETX MOTOFOCUS is priced at only $140.

Piggyback Mounts for Celestron NexStar SE
     JMI has announced a new piggyback mount for Celestron's SE series SCTs.  The mount quickly attaches to the side dovetail that holds the scope to the fork for carrying cameras and other 1/4-20 standard camera mount threaded accessories.  Visit for your specific model and price.

JMI Carrying Case for CPC 1100 GPS
     JMI carrying cases are purpose designed, with no sharp corners that gouge furniture, doorways or auto upholstery, and "fits like a glove" economy of space that still leaves enough interior room for ample protective foam.  JMI's larger cases feature 10-inch all-terrain wheels, as on its new CPC 1100 GPS case.  JMI's CPC 1100 GPS case is priced at only $504, with shipping paid in the lower 48 states.