To:  NGC-miniMAX Users
From:  Jim's Mobile, Inc.
Re: NGC-miniMAX Database Listings
Date:  May 1995

Database Listing Availability:
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with a list of objects found in the NGC-miniMAX.  For this particular model the maufacturer hired someone to build the database for them.  They feel that, in order to protect their investment, they cannot publish that information in an easily reproducible form.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Searching the Database:
It is possible to easily step through the database using the following procedure.  First, select a catalog (see your miniMAX user's manual).  Next, enter a catalog number near the object(s) you wish to review and press Enter.  The miniMAX will show you the nearest number to the one you entered.  You may now step forward or backward in the list using the Up and Down keys.  You may also press Enter at any time to see the RA & Dec of the object and Enter again to see the Description, all without loosing your postition in the catalog.  To continue, simply press the Up or Down key again.  You will notice that some numbers are skipped.  This will allow you to see exactly which objects are in the catalog and which have been left out.

When stepping forward through the list past the last item in the catalog, the miniMAX will take you back to the beginning of the list.  This feature works the same when stepping backward, allowing you to quickly find the largest number in the catalog you are listing.  For example, select the Messier catalog (M001) and press enter several times stepping through each position (without changing the numbers) until the display stops flashing.  At this point press the Down key.  You will see the display change from M001 to M110.  This tells you that the last object in the Messier catalog is M110.

There is one quirk about the NGC catalog that should be noted.  It is actually made up of two databases within the computer.  Normally, this is transparent to the user.  However, when stepping through the catalog as described above, you will only be stepping through approximately one half of the catalog because you are in one of two databases.  To step through the other database, simply enter a number in the other half of the range of catalog numbers and continue as before.

We hope this information will be helpful to you.  Happy hunting.