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Astronomy Technology Today
January/February 2009


Redesigns DRO Hand Unit

     JMI has redesigned its Digital Readout (DRO) Hand Unit to optimize functionality with its new Event Horizon Focusers (EV), as well as with its long-standing line of Next Generation Focusers (NGF) and all other JMI MOTOFOCUS equipped focusers.
     The new DRO Hand Unit features a red LED four-digit numeric digital position display and two directional focusing buttons, plus a variable speed control.  The DRO Hand Unit also features a dimmer control and a control for zeroing the display.  Shown is the JMI DRO Hand Unit and its popular EV-2cM focuser.
     One end of the included cable attaches to the hand unit and the other to the encoder assembly of the controlled focuser for ultra-precise focus control  The DRO Hand Unit is connected to the motor and encoder assemblies of the JMI EV-2cM focuser using a standard flat phone cable and connectors.
     The new DRO Hand Unit provides a ready, stand-alone means of repeating focus to a precision that visual and analog methods simply cannot match.  The new JMI DRO Hand Unit is priced at $148US.
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